Kirby Planet Robobot – review

Disclaimer: I am part of a campaign with compensation to check out and review the Kirby Planet Robobot or Nintendo 3DS. All opinions are my own.


I grew up Nintendo, from sitting in front of a little TV in my brothers room sticking the Duck Hunt guns right up to the screens aiming for a perfect score. I’ve played all of the Legend of Zelda games on the home consoles, and my yellow (I know, right?) Game Boy went with me no a lot of long trips.

So when my eldest started grabbing a car wheel and trying to drive in Mario Kart, I knew we had another gamer in the family besides my husband and I. A few years later, the youngest has learned some of his ABCs after hearing our instruction for how to play games.

It’s genetic, I tell ya.

But one game I never really got around to was anything Kirby.


Well, the next generation is fixing that for me.

Kirby is the cutest little gumball of a vacuum cleaner anywhere. Like literally, he sucks up his enemies and spits them out as a weapon.

My eldest had it down in less than five minutes. The game starts easy but as you can collect different abilities, there are more challenges to uncover.


See? There’s cute little Kirby. He looks like he is going for a walk in a park.

Then, and Wonder Boy would say, kaBLAM!


This stuff starts happening.

This is Kirby in his Robobot Armor – ha can scan enemies and shape shift into modes like a jet or car. Wonder Boy gets super excited at that part.

And Kirby can also suck up and swallow enemies to gain Copy Abilities. There’s 20 available in this game, including the brand new Doctor and ESP abilities. My favorite is evil little Poison Kirby, he looks like witch doctor bubblegum.

“I like every single power-up and the robot armor,” – direct quote from my 6 year old about why he likes this game. “… “You can travel to different worlds with different bosses.”

Amiboos work on this too – Link can give Kirby a sword, and there’s four new amiboo to go with the game that interact as well.

This is the cutest! #Kirby #amiboo #PlanetRobobot #playnintendo

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There’s a solo story mode, or friends can team up with their separate devices to play and RPG-style mini game together.

If you’re looking for some quiet this summer, this is a great game for the bigs or littles. It takes skills, doesn’t need a lot of reading ability, and its so darn cute. And in 3D? It’s a trip.

Kirby Planet Robobot retails for $39.95 You can buy the physical cartridge or download it directly.