Knott’s Spooky Farm 2015



This fall’s schedule  is becoming chaotic as the choices of whether to wear a cardigan or tank top in the morning (hello fal in SoCal!)Between Mr. Wonder’s full work schedule and my full school schedule, we’re balancing family life with plenty of help from family.
Saturday we knew it would be the perfect weather to don out costumes and head down to Knott’s Berry Farm for a chance to check out Camp Spooky this year!
Going to Knotts is a treat for our family. There is so much kid-friendly activities and educational options – this year was the first one we really got the boys with the main in jail – the look on Wonder Boy’s face was priceless. My mom loved doing that to them – talk about a family tradition! That guy used to almost bring tears to my eyes.

Camp Spooky this year is all over the park with a haunted maze, trick-or-treating through Ghost Town and of course a show featuring Charlie Brown and the gang! My son adores Snoopy, as do I, so a chance to hang out with our second-favorite dog (shout-out to my chihuahua!) was a fun treat.

Use the Force – or a credit card. This doctor charges more than a nickel.

We had a lot of plans, including checking out the Creepy Crawler Cabin that got derailed when my son befriended a young Chinese boy named Jasper, who was on his first trip to America. So instead, we let them choose the rides until Jasper wanted to ride a coaster, and then the friendship ended (Jaguar is a little too much for this guy.) He’s talked about him every day since – it’s a blessing he can make friends so easy, and I’m sure the mom enjoyed her son getting some kid action.

And he got my more timid guy on the Ferris Wheel, so well played.

Lil’ Wonder is finally big enough to really get how the rides work and enjoy them – he rode on the Huff and Puff several times, ecstatic every time.

My son adored the doors he could interact with in Ghost Town – every trick or treat stop had a different friend hiding on the other side – the bravest kids would ring the doorbell! He got a genuine spook when he turned after this picture to find someone had appeared that wasn’t there before – sneaky Spooky Farm ghost!

Knott’s Spooky Farm is every weekend in October and is geared for ages 3-11. Kids get a trick or treat bag, a map and schedule of events and are encouraged to dress in costume! Check out #KnottsSpookyFarm on Instagram for more adventures!