Link bait – trash can


I had the full idea of what the article was about before I finally clicked over. The headline?

The assumption that a car shopping cart only being intended for multiples is a asinine thing to get worked up over in todays world.

I’m lucky my local store has them. I used to drive to the next town over to go to a similar grocery store than the one right down me street to treat my son to a trip around the grocery store in a car cart.

Funny, I didn’t see a sign saying it was intended for multiple children only.

Raising two small boys with a passion for riding in one of the three car carts our new and improved Stater Bros now has down the street took some prep work. We go in the door by where they always park them on purpose to see if there is one.

If there aren’t, I would never demand someone take their child out so my two could sit. They will deal, and I will work out a regular cart with a 5-year-old hanging off and whining for cookies just as well as I would have pushing the extra long and extra stiff cart around just for their pleasure.

Entitlement is a steep slope that drops you quickly into being a complete jerk, to use the family friendly terms I know.

I’ve been reading Scary Mommy for years, and earlier this year it was acquired by the Some Spider media company.  I’ve seen come big arguments over there, as anyone who does that reads parenting blogs.

But to allow this blatant bitching and whining?

Is this the next evolution of link bait? To go beyond being a ‘scary mommy’ and be a complete entitled asshole?

What next?

I’m done.

I’ve stopped following sites for mellower topics like this, when I realize that all it is is inflammatory headlines and worrying about getting clicks, not fist pumps. To let this go past the editorial team was a complete lapse of judgment. I am not waiting around for worse. People read Scary Mommy for entertainment and to find like-mindedness and acceptance, not blatant arrogant judgment in a few paragraphs.

The solidarity of your audience shows in your comment section, and in the Facebook comments. The respect for other mom’s struggle in their existence is something Scary Mommy was built on,

I keep respect in my feed, not trash.

Link bait headlines and articles are disrespectful to people’s times and to the brands they serve.

Unsubscribe, unfollow, unlike.

Just like the others I stopped reading.