Love Child Organics

I remember a conversation with a friend where I pointed out to her that so many of the pouches our kids were eating had either apple or pear puree in them as well as the spinach, fruits and other items we were selecting them for.

I love pouches as a food option. Both boys got homemade baby food and was supplemented by pouches when they were old enough to hold them by themselves. I always steered toward blends with green vegetables in them to offer those foods in an easy way – even if they were also getting even more apple than the applesauce they were already snacking on regularly.

When I went to ShiftCon, I was introduced to a sweet lady at a table for Love Child Organics, which makes snacks for the baby and toddler set.

Having a two-year-old, you know I was interested.


Love Child Organics is family-owned and certified organic! I love small businesses.

Let’s check out the last pouch standing from my handful of samples I brought home  – seasonably appropriate, of course. This is being packed in the diaper bag for Grandma to have while Mr. Wonder and I have a brunch date tomorrow.

I am so drawn into the art on the labels – it’s like a fall family portrait of in-season foods.

So look at the front, then look at the back.

The only items not written on the front is the water and lemon juice concentrate. I’m OK with that. (Lemon juice is a natural preservative – why you see citric acid in many things, including baby pouches).

The snack bars have gone just as quickly, and are a perfect size to stash in a diaper bag for little hands to hold. They also didn’t crumble too easy, which is a blessing for my car where apparently 85% of messy snacks are eaten.

There are some really cute options for snacks – owls and duckies? I’m sold.

Love Child Organics is found at Sprouts in my area, but be sure to check their store locator for your area. Be sure to check out their social media, including Instagram.

Did your kids eat from baby food pouches (or eat their applesauce now that way)? What was their favorite flavor?