Making the holidays special with Dancing Moon Coffee

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I host Christmas breakfast, holding back excited children while family members shovel my husband’s apparently famous bacon in before settling back to watch the whirlwind of paper unwrapping and happy chatter.

And throughout breakfast preparation and running little boys, I am sipping on coffee, usually something truly special to celebrate my family’s favorite day.

I used to make sure I had special creamer, but now I just settle on a really good cup of coffee, and I try to find one that gives back as well. Because, rather than a pack of Starbucks coffee, it makes Christmas so much more special to treat the family one a beautiful gift that wakes them up as it gives back to somewhere.

I have tried different coffees in the past to serve, but the one that was best received was the one I shared last year – and one I will be adding to a couple presents.


Dancing Moon Coffee is non-GMO, certified organic and fair trade and donates a portion of its profits to the Semper Fi Fund.

I made sure I got my own grinder so I can serve it last year, making fresh batches as needed, and I am so happy to make such special coffee for my family.


Dancing Moon Coffee is only available through Amazon- which makes it super easy, especially if you have a Prime account.

Also they have expanded to Keurig cups as well – making the coffee easy to make one cup at a time.