NeoCell Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: NeoCell sent me products to try out with no strings attached. This review is my own opinion. No other compensation was given.

Right before I drove down for Expo West, I got a treat in the mail for NeoCell.

See, after a LOT of stress and two little boys (one I affectionately call Tarzan) my hair is a lot thinner, limper, sadder than before kids. I’ve spent the last couple of years pulling handfuls of hair out of my brush, and my ponytail was a sad little wisp on my back. I kept trying Pinterest braid tutorials and pouting afterwards.

NeoCell was kind enough to send me something that i though might make a difference – NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer.


I call this the ‘incredulous shot’. 

I was already trying to take vitamins daily, getting back on track from wearing myself thin trying to do everything. However, it just wasn’t enough and even with my plans to finally go pink, I had to do something to save my sad, sad little braid I’d wear to help out in Wonder Boy’s kindergarten class.

So, After I treated myself to a look, I decided to try out the supplements to see if they made a difference going forward on my treated hair that was growing split ends faster than grays.

Trust me, I am low maintenance enough that I laugh at myself for taking beauty supplements, but truly? I’ve been enjoying them, and the way I looked.

And there is a certain age where eyebrow powder becomes a daily necessity, and you lighted your hair to hide the invading glitter of grey.

Here is my ‘before’ picture.

NOTE, I am not good at this and think most before and afters are scams so I tried to keep it as real as possible. Therefore, this is what I usually look like at kindergarten pickup and against a beige wall using my cell phone selfie camera thingy. It’s a little blurry and, well, real.



This was just after my hair got bleached and dyed, and my method with treated hair is leave it the heck alone and wash and style as little as I can at first.So that day I hadn’t washed it or anything.

My hair was really THAT flat.



And this was me last week. Again, after not washing it that day because I keep it real, yo. Same wall, different timing. I tried.

I’ll be honest – I kind of hoped my hair would get all Shakira-ish. Like hold body and get magical. You can tell how much I do stuff like this – I am super laid back about beauty.

Nope, but what I did notice is it felt stronger, I was losing less strands, and braids seemed to have a little more texture or body, and I successfully did one with a cool bun on the end it looked good.

And that was awesome.

Bonus? My nails (I have a lot of stress so they’re bitten up and ugly so no pictures) are stronger as well.

Keratin Hair Volumizer has keratin, collagen and a third of your daily Vitamin C in each serving size of two capsules (recommendations are two servings a day).

After I finished my month of hair supplements, I’ve also started taking a collagen supplement in a glass of water most days – I fill up my Blender Bottle with water and add a scoop of Derma Matrix and let the boys shake it up for me. I don’t taste it at all, so I could totally hide it from myself in other things, but really, it’s an incentive to drink plain water at least once a day.

NeoCell was awesome enough to offer a months supply of the Keratin Hair Volumizer for me to give away! Simply follow the Rafflecopter rules below.

Open to US Residents only.  Giveaway ends May 10th, 2016.


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