New year, new start

The last two years I’ve chosen a word instead of a resolution.

Frankly, I have a horrible time with resolutions. They only last a couple months or I never meet them.

Choosing a ‘theme word’ for the year worked so much better than an absolute that may be hard to meet.

The last two years I’ve chosen words and, at the end of the year, it’s so nice to look back and see that yes, whether I planned it or not, the year for the theme and I can see progress.

My first word for 2012 was ‘Focus’ and that year I worked to pay attention to one thing at a time, to concentrate on my family, my son, my dog- whatever needed the most from me at that time.
It’s something I still struggle with but that year taught me a lot about prioritizing.

My word for 2013 was ‘Nourish’ And more and more I’ve worked to feed my family good food or try to nourish my soul a little over the course of the year (and take a lot of pictures of my favorite meals I made).

This year, my word is a word I have tried to have my entire life.

I was raised with it and love it, even though I do not embody it.

I was reminded or it when I went to my brother’s wedding in September, and the repetitive theme of the night was what a cute, awkward, loving couple they are.

Awkwardness is a little inherent in my family.

I used to trip over my own feet on a daily basis in junior high.

I wasn’t that cool.

I tend to say the silly things, drop stuff, bump into people and open my mouth before I need to.

Even though it is accepted by part of my family, it’s hard to accept that is who I am as I raise two little boys and be the primary caretaker of, well, everything.

I need to be organized so I can flow through my day.

I need to feel beautiful so I can hold my head high.

I need to move through my life without tripping over the small things and throwing things where they don’t belong, either literally or figuratively.

I can’t handle the late-night verbal free flow that I can bring into my relationship when I am overwhelmed.

My word for 2014 is ‘grace’.


Grace in movement.

Grace in manners.

Grace in dealing with things that are so not very graceful at all.