Nordic Naturals

Disclaimer: I received product as part of my attendance at ShiftCon. No other compensation was given, all opinions are my own.

I got royally spoiled at ShiftCon and came home with handfuls of Nordic Naturals vitamins for the family.

I was excited to get my hands on Nordic Naturals – since it’s estimated that some species of fish have lost 95% of their population due to overfishing, I was happy to see they had a relationship with Friend of the Sea and harvest sustainably.

First the boys.

My toddler especially loved his little ‘fishies’, the soft, jello-like fish oil vitamins he always came fishing for an hour later, hoping for a second catch of fruit flavor.


My older son, after a few rounds, decided he didn’t like the texture, but was demolishing the Omega – 3 gummy vitamins. These were the softest vitamins I ever ate (I always try out their stuff). I was really happy finding vitamins with omegas the boys were asking to eat every day, since they both are not big fans of the real thing (though sometimes indulge me in a few bites) and omegas are good for brain development.


Now on to me.

I got a hold of some of Nordic Naturals supplements that have Omega 3, 6 and 9. These suckers do not, at all, taste like fish, nor is there that weird fish burp aftertaste.


I was having a huge problem with my hair falling out, due to stress or diet or, well, many things, so getting strong doses of fatty acids was helping me take care of myself while I was trying to take care of everything else.

I have a history of heart disease in my family, and while my good cholesterol is always a good number, my bad number has risen slightly. So taking some Omega 3’s to counter that is helping me get a hold of my heart’s future easy, and I think that I have been feeling a lot better since getting them in my system regularly (and losing less hair).

Nordic Naturals sells on their website, but they are lots of other places too, like Amazon and GNC.

Have you ever tried fish oil supplements?