One Small Thing – Bring Your Own Water

I’m really happy both of my boys have become such good water drinkers. It’s something I struggled with and one thing I wanted to make sure my two active kids had a habit with.

Every time I took the boys in the car this summer I made sure to have travel cups filled with cold water to help keep comfortable as we ran errands or met a friend.
It’s cheaper, because I don’t have kids begging for a drink the minute we pass a drive-thru, and I don’t have to worry about fighting over the drink because each have their own.
It’s also better because I know they’re drinking the filtered water from home instead of bottled water, soda, or water from the public fountain.

And- less plastic bottles for the world and sea life to choke on.



Bottled water can be nothing more than glorified tap water and way more expensive than drinking your own at home from a glass. It also can be being bottled from drought-stricken California – Nestle bottles just a little way from me in the San Bernardino Mountains (there is currently a lawsuit because they were operating under an expired license.)

Check out this guide from the Environmental Working Group – it’s a good place to start with educating yourself about why you should drink home-filtered water and how to start.

Three tips for haulting your own water around –

  • Always choose BPA-free, but understand that labeling doesn’t mean it’s 100% free of the endocrine disrupor. To be on the safe side, opt for a metal water bottle like a Klean Kanteen (double up your investment with one that’s good for cold or hot drinks) or a glass bottle like Life Factory‘s.
  • Filter your water at home, whether you get a filter pitcher like a Brita, a faucet attachment, a whole-house filter or just use it straight from the fridge like I do.
  • If you get sick of plain water, add a couple slices of lemon, cucumber… my boys favorite one was strawberry, I loved adding cucumber and mint and pretending I’m at the spa. There’s also plenty of ‘spa water’ recipes on Pinterest.

Check out Thrive Market for some other great options at reduced prices when you sign up for membership (affiliate link)

Do you already use a water bottle regularly? I currently have a Contigo I picked up at Target. Which one do you use?