One Small Thing – Ditch the Receipt


Bisphenol A is something that a growing number of Americans are actively avoiding. After getting it out of baby bottles (always look for BPA-free if you want plastic) companies that sell canned goods are starting to move away from its use. Safe choices right now are boxed soups (Trader Joes has excellent ones!) or pouches.


However, in labeling terms ‘BPA-Free’ does not exactly mean that there isn’t any at all. BPA may still be there, just under a level deemed undetectable.

And then think of everything you come in contact with every day.

One small change you can do is limit the amount of thermal receipts you touch.

Yes, receipts.

BPA coats thermal receipts and is easily rubbed off onto skin (I never liked touching them, wonder if something was telling me something. BPA is easily absorbed through skin and is an endocrine disruptor.

So, to avoid reciepts-

  • Say no when they ask if you want it unless it’s needed for business purposes.
  • Can your bank email your transaction receipt? Mine can.
  • Use an app to shoe payment history (like the Starbucks card app).
  • Make a special spot for receipts in a wallet or carry a separate folder for them to avoid BPA rubbing off on other objects in your wallet.

Do you worry about BPA? How do you avoid it?