One Small Thing – Meatless Mondays

What did you have for dinner today?

I’m having a salad and a sweet potato.


I’d heard about Meatless Mondays growing up, but never really catered to it. As an adult, I always end up with my best meal of the week on Monday, where everyone’s home and I have lots of time to make a good dinner, and rarely it hat meal vegetarian.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t pick another day of the week to go meatless for a meal, right?

I had no idea the Meatless Mondays campaign was 95 years old! But I did know that cutting out meat for a meal can help the environment AND your budget.


There’s so many ways to do it – look at Pinterest recipes for inspiration, take a look at other campaigns like Year of the Pulses, or a book like Mark Bittman’s Vegan before 6 (which is a step more but has some awesome ideas).

Have you ever done Meatless Mondays? Where do you go for inspiration?