One Small Thing

A couple of weekends ago I attended ShiftCon. I had decided to view it as an opportunity to try some great snacks (I love getting things to put in school lunches!) and learn some more about giving my children better health and a better world.

I roomie’d with Trina of The Gaming Angel and My Mom Journey, who was of a similar mind, and we followed our paths during the conference, zipping past each other and discussing the panels we went to over organic snacks and decadent coffee.

We went to panels discussing toxins and the “chemical stew” we currently live in (that one was fascinating and alarming” discussed stress solutions, how to help bees, and through the expo I found ways to use my GIS skills for good and some protein powder samples to add to my morning routine.

I adored this conference and hope to go again someday.

Going to ShiftCon reminded me of one very big thing we can all do at any time. Make a change. Do one small thing at a time.

When someone was overwhelmed after a discussion of toxins in cosmetics, the advice was to pick one thing and start there.

I sat at a panel about the bees with a few other similar-minded ladies, and remembered that even my small voice makes a difference when I argue about hybridization versus genetic modification with someone (hybridization was been around for a very long time, genetic modification, since the 90’s).

Sure, I got to drink organic wine, take home bags of samples (that I will be reporting on starting very soon) and hang with friends, but more than that, I got to use it as a step toward the life I want.

The life I already work for when I support GMO labeling, when I buy the cleaning products safe to use around my children, when I turn off the tap to brush my teeth.

Through school and work, I am trying to build the life I want where my budget doesn’t dictate whether or not I can make the safer food choice. I want to use words to help those in a lifestyle where they don’t have a lot of financial room to make changes, and show them a few small things they can do that, if many did, maybe it would make a big change.

And sometimes those choices can be the cheaper ones.

All it takes is one step to start down a path – one you may already be on.

I started this path by going back to school, a year ago. I started it when I bought my first jar of coconut oil when my eldest was a baby, when I chose the facial scrub without the plastic beads years ago.

I continued this path when I became a Thrive Market affiliate (see ad to the right) , when I passed on the Healthy Child, Healthy World sample box to a deserving friend.

Let’s continue down the path together, and talk about all of the small things you can do to make a change.

One small thing at a time.



Be sure to keep an eye out for posts about the “One Small Thing” you can do to make a difference periodically from this blog!