Orgain is keeping me going


I grabbed a chocolate protein shake during ShiftCon as I ran upstairs to meet a friend and ended up running back down to grab another.


The lady staffing the Orgain table was kind enough to offer a vanilla chai protein powder jug for me to take home, and all in good timing – I had been diagnosed anemic from my doctor, and had been working hard to make nutrition easy while bringing in more iron and protein for energy – each serving is 15%  I’ve been making them with almond milk, bananas and spinach and my toddler keeps stealing them! The powder blends in smooth with whatever I add.

I also got a hold of a vanilla almond milk for my toddler (who is somewhat growing out of a lactose intolerance) and he picked up the carton and put it in the fridge even when surrounded by snack bars and candy – he was in love!

Orgain was developed by a doctor who studied just in the town over at Loma Linda University- an area known for healthy lifestyles- so I instantly felt an affinity to the brand.

I appreciate that the protein is plant-based – I am trying to focus on getting protein in other places besides meat and dairy. I mean, Orgain even has VEGAN protein shakes, as well as hydration powders, almond milk (a staple in our house right now) and meal powders.

And in the last month I’ve had a huge rise in energy, which, as I hit a busy part of my college term, was needed as I was running sunrise to after sunset.

This smoothie recipe (my own creation)  has been my favorite so far… perfect for fall.


Check out Orgain on their website and let me know if you give them a try!