He pulls them up

“He’s getting so good!” my eldest exclaimed, hopping ahead of the other boy’s mom , admiring the Heelys on his camp-mate’s wobbly feet. I remember rolling my eyes a couple days before at the boy trying to balance, hanging onto the check0in desk at the museum while I signed in my 7year-old son for camp. […]

A Visit For Her Birthday

  We had walked into the florist the day before, light hearted, each with a request for the bouquet. My youngest spoke clearly, strongly, a voice that had still been a tiny peep when she heard it last naming the last flower on the list I had mentioned. The same as our dog’s name, a […]

A Sort Of Existential Crisis

I forgot my laptop cord the other day. I signed up both of the boys for a vacation Bible school/ day camp at my friends church, the same one that my son attends Awana at. It’s a half hour drive to and fro that we’ve been listening to The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel as […]

Kickin’ back old school

  I’ve blogged since 2009, and a few months go I dug up the remnants of my old LiveJournal. Which reminded me of that random little website I had where I posted all of my sprites – remember when that was a thing? And I was all over the Star Wars prequels and… well, it […]