Cake class Disney-style, with pics

The Blog Party mentioned in my previous post is still going strong. I cannot keep up, there’s almost 160 of us partiers! Yesterday was the first cake day of my cake-decorating class. I talked about it a couple of posts ago… two batches of frosting (powdered butter flavor and all, it actually turned out good […]


This next week is a Blog Party, y’all!Yeah, I really say y’all in real life. I blame my Tenessean grandmother.So let me re-introduce myself for anyone hitting me up from the parrrr–tay.I am Mrs. Wonder, and I am currently a stay-at-home mother of an almost 7-month-old. I have a background in journalism and photography. My […]

Have fun reading this. On these pages- how far ahead to bake cake for decorating, a product for coating pans before baking, crumb coat, how to use strawberry filling, a note about cream cheese filling and warm weather, and putting a pie tin of water in the bottom to help keep moisturized. I think. I’m […]

Mother’s Day

My husband slyly hinted for ideas as to what I would want for Mother’s Day. Now I had a couple really good ideas, but they were also $500 so I knew that I would not be getting them anytime soon. Hey, I can fantasize… I told Mr. Wonder I wanted flowers, or jewelry, or dinner […]


No, not that hair. But yeah, Hair. Which reminds me, I love this musical, yet own no copy. I must fix that. Or go see it live. Somewhere where they actually have the nudie guy, so I can be grown up and not giggle. Although I might. But I doubt Mr. Wonder would want to […]