30th birthday envy

This literally took me 12 hours to do today. Wonder Boy and actually having a car to drive on errands keeps me busy.My spunky red-headed friend is off next week to Las Vegas to celebrate her 30th birthday. Four days of fun and debauchery (I love that word) and I am excited to see pics […]

I don’t diet.

This picture has nothing to do with today’s topic. My kid just loves books! I probably need to. My weight fluctuated after having Wonder Boy and frankly, in the middle of southern California, having a pudgy belly is not sexy in the summer. Not that a pudgy belly is always bad, but all of my […]

Big girl in a big-girl car

The bigggest regret I had when I had given my 2-week notice at my stressful small-town paper job was that we wouldn’t be able to get our ‘babymobile’.I had bought a Ford Focus ZX3 in 2002, a yellow hatchback that had many travels and adventures, from commuting to Cal State Fullerton to a road trip […]

So glad things weren’t so public when I was dating

So, Mr Almost Rock Star and his girl broke up. Again. This time is supposed to be for sure.I had both of them on my Facebook, well, I still do. He dropped her, which is probably good since she just keeps commenting on how God is showing her the better path than what she thought […]