Wonder Boy visited a park for the first time. And rode a swing for the first time. And had his first ‘play date‘. So many firsts on top of him now somewhat mobile but not actually ‘crawling’ my head is a going to implode. Exploding would be messy. Photographer note: blue ground, pale kid, definite […]

The family hideaway, a nice weekend, and random songs

(No, now Hawaii. That is a pretty old towel. I think it might be older than me, it’s always been there in my memory.) Ever since I was a baby, and ever since my dad was small, my family has spent time in the summer in Oceanside, CA. It’s near some major southern California beach […]

Thankful on a Tuesday

for so many things in my life. That I have a beautiful smart son that is performing above and beyond his age level (peek-boo is a skill for babies in the 8-to-9 month-old range, not 5-6 months!) that is currently, finally, napping (we have been battling not napping for days). That I have a bachelor’s […]

A good friend introduced me to The Parent Experiment podcast.Two moms, one with a son marginally older than Wonder Boy (if I lived closer to Los Angeles, I believe we’d hang out occasionally) talk about being parents and have guests on the show with various topics.My favorite favorite so far was when they had Mayim […]

Earth Day and 6 months of, well, lots

One of my good friends is turning 30 today- she is off partying it up in Vegas.Today, Wonder Boy and I hit our breastfeeding support group for an hour before we went to his six-month appointment.I got to entice another person to Sophie the Giraffe. ( have spoken about Sophie a little previously. My mom […]