This is another Blackberry shot, while sitting on my brother’s couch a week ago after going to the San Diego Zoo with my mom, my brother, and Wonder Boy. Feet apparently make a good afternoon snack. So Mr. Wonder has always tried to get Wonder Boy to say “Mommy”. Not Daddy, Mommy. What has always […]

night time grown up time

To the left: gratuitous pic of Wonder Boy from my Blackberry. We were watching a dinosaur show. No really, I can tell… he will be as big into dinosaurs as his mommy was as a little girl. What have I been doing lately? Nursing through a growth spurt, my little 4 1/2 month old kid […]

Damnit, I want a margarita

Mr Wonder and I were supposed to go cosmic bowling Friday night with Mr. Wonder’s coworker and his wife, former team members of ours in league bowling. I was excited. Despite problems with pumping, I had enough for at least a bottle in the freezer, and my mo had promised to babysit so I could […]

Making new friends

So besides the fact I don’t have many friends in the first place, my social life is further impacted by half of them living at least a half hour away from me, and the other half busy with school and/or work.So I knew I needed to get out after Wonder Boy was born, and I […]