night time grown up time

To the left: gratuitous pic of Wonder Boy from my Blackberry. We were watching a dinosaur show. No really, I can tell… he will be as big into dinosaurs as his mommy was as a little girl. What have I been doing lately? Nursing through a growth spurt, my little 4 1/2 month old kid […]

Damnit, I want a margarita

Mr Wonder and I were supposed to go cosmic bowling Friday night with Mr. Wonder’s coworker and his wife, former team members of ours in league bowling. I was excited. Despite problems with pumping, I had enough for at least a bottle in the freezer, and my mo had promised to babysit so I could […]

Making new friends

So besides the fact I don’t have many friends in the first place, my social life is further impacted by half of them living at least a half hour away from me, and the other half busy with school and/or work.So I knew I needed to get out after Wonder Boy was born, and I […]

Mom style… getting back on the bandwagon

My mom and I turned a quick errand into a day of shopping yesterday. My wedding rings, lost for months and miraculously turning up in my sock drawer (I can only blame pregnancy brain for that placement) needed to be inspected and cleaned, so we left Mr. Wonder alone to tackle new blinds in the […]