Themed posts

I’ve seen it on many blogs- Touring Tuesdays, Win it- Wednesdays, whatever. I admit, for a blogger, having a predetermined theme would make it easier to blog, as you have a beginning idea for the blog (for instance, blogging about something you wish for in Wishful Wednesdays). I considered it for a minute, and may […]

Why get done up when no one is home to admire you?

Here I am with one of the hardest things to apply in my makeup drawer (I have a whole drawer because I never toss anything makeup. Well, I have done it, but I don’t like to). My MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in inkspill. This was yesterday’s look. Yesterday I tried the eye liner, thinking it would […]

Ready to take him to the Happiest Place on Earth

(This photo is me in line for Dumbo at Disneyland. I hadn’t ridden it in a million years, so Mr. Wonder and I went on it when we had early entry during our trip for our first anniversary. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel… I was uber-excited. Yes, I was like that, and still am!) […]

Just when I get him to sleep

After a full day of trying to work around a fussy Wonder Boy, I finally get the shot I wanted for an an assignment on Seed. Armed with the last of my cookies, I plop in front of the computer to open the website, and… The assignment expired yesterday. Oh well, I have a future […]

Getting back in the game

I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked very hard for a job, but I have looked! Honest. There’s nothing out there. Besides, I don’t have any kind of breast milk freezer supply to fall back on if I started a job, so I would have to supplement.I discovered while looking on a website for moms […]