Mom style… getting back on the bandwagon

My mom and I turned a quick errand into a day of shopping yesterday. My wedding rings, lost for months and miraculously turning up in my sock drawer (I can only blame pregnancy brain for that placement) needed to be inspected and cleaned, so we left Mr. Wonder alone to tackle new blinds in the […]

Scheduling around a 2-hour schedule

I am one of the lucky few where my breast-fed son sleeps through the night (10:30 pm-7 am, on average).However, to get enough to eat, that means 8 means in the span of about 16 hours, so, every 2 hours.That means things like doctors appointment, lunch, going to the grocery store, is still being orchestrated […]

Happy four months Wonder Boy!

So many changes in my life since that day… Wonder Boy is so much fun right now. His pediatrician said he has a very good ‘social smile’ too bad he won’t let us capture it on camera yet, and he has figured out how to roll from his belly to his back, although most attempts […]

Monday I went and visited my Orange County friend. Our sons are less than two months apart, and other than being the same height and cesarean babies are as different as night and day. She formula feeds; I breastfeed exclusively. She has her son on a schedule; I feed on demand. Her baby is a […]

Valentine’s Day

This photo has nothing to do with the post. it’s from the beach house balcony. I just think it’s pretty and romantic! I’ve been with Mr. Wonder for 13 years… we were high school sweethearts that took our time getting married (Mr. Almost Rock Star said in his best man speech, “It’s about time”). After […]