My New Year’s resolution-two weeks in

So, a whole two weeks into the new year, and I have crock potted three times. Yep, three.That’s twice in one week, and another one this week.I think it will eventually die out, since I never finish my resolutions, but this one at least could have endurance.Last week I made pot roast (of course) and […]

Rainy days

I am a quintessential southern California girl in that I am solar charged. Even when I left the hospital when I had Wonder Boy, I could feel the energy of the sun on my skin and just felt more awake and happy. I have now, what, a week or rain ahead of me? Rainy days […]

I’m supposed to be cleaning

cause I have a friend coming over, but after sending the link to this blog to someone I realized I hadn’t written in days.I have been contemplating things to do, projects, to either make a small amount of cash or SOMETHING besides just caring for a baby and cooking.There is a huge crochet baby hat […]

Just another Monday

It is a sunny beautiful Monday. Wonder Boy is napping in his swing. Wonder Dog is catnapping in the sun, and I have gotten to take a shower and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine. Toys and receiving blankets litter the living room- I already did a sweep and found all of […]

admiration flows both ways

Before our son was born, a good friend of Mr. Wonder came by and had dinner. See, this is one of the friends that we live vicariously through- he often gets so busy we don’t see him for weeks and weeks, so I start harassing him and bribing him with food to get him to […]