Getting back in the game

I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked very hard for a job, but I have looked! Honest. There’s nothing out there. Besides, I don’t have any kind of breast milk freezer supply to fall back on if I started a job, so I would have to supplement.I discovered while looking on a website for moms […]

Facebook fantasy friend’s life

I have someone on my Facebook that requested me after I shot pictures of their home for an article on a fundraiser.She lives in the rich part of town, in a huge house which entryway is two stories high with a large gold-and-crystal chandelier, bronze statues, and a muraled ceiling.It was immaculate…white carpet everywhere, Murano […]

My New Year’s resolution-two weeks in

So, a whole two weeks into the new year, and I have crock potted three times. Yep, three.That’s twice in one week, and another one this week.I think it will eventually die out, since I never finish my resolutions, but this one at least could have endurance.Last week I made pot roast (of course) and […]

Rainy days

I am a quintessential southern California girl in that I am solar charged. Even when I left the hospital when I had Wonder Boy, I could feel the energy of the sun on my skin and just felt more awake and happy. I have now, what, a week or rain ahead of me? Rainy days […]

I’m supposed to be cleaning

cause I have a friend coming over, but after sending the link to this blog to someone I realized I hadn’t written in days.I have been contemplating things to do, projects, to either make a small amount of cash or SOMETHING besides just caring for a baby and cooking.There is a huge crochet baby hat […]