Family time with great-grandma

I lost my grandfather when I was 34 weeks pregnant. My grandmother has been taking it well, but I have been learning more and more how much he did for her during their life together. She asked me to teach her how to pump gas, and my dad and Mr. Wonder have helped around the […]

change of hair for a new lifestyle

After I had posted the introductory blog, I made the decision to change up my hairstyle.This was the inspiration for my old haircut … This is actress Louise Brooks. In all actuality, I showed my haircut guy pictures of Christina Ricci, who I resemble, during and right after her Speed Racer days, and this is […]

Greetings and Saluations

said Christian Slater in his role as J.D. in the movie ‘Heathers’.Welcome to my new project, a blog about my life, my family, and the people, objects, and events that affect and inspire me.I am Mrs. Wonder, a smaller-town girl born and raised in sunny southern California, married to Mr. Wonder for 4 years and […]