Pink List 9/30


Brought to you in part by 4:45 a.m.


I am in a super busy and stressful week as I catch up on all the things since I spent 4 days away from home last weekend. And of curse, with Mercury in retrograde I’m having issues with websites not loading, files forgotten on the school computers and, well, everything. Think happy thoughts…

I didn’t even know that Monsanto was a sponsor of the American Academy of Pediatrics, so to learn that they have decided to end their partnership with them was a good surprise. I have discussions with people all the time about hybridization versus genetic modification, and when I worked at the family business we never sold Round Up. We knew it was bad stuff back then.

There has always been a part of me in love with a more bohemian lifestyle. This hair clip is just the epitome of that – a crescent moon and crystals? All I need is Stevie Nicks and Lorena McKennitt playing…

The Syrian refugee crisis, any refugee crisis, breaks my heart. Shakira says it best.

Sweet tea is the best. We don’t make it a lot around here but I will sometimes order it at restaurants. I remember visiting family in Tennessee and drinking it the whole time I was there. Of course, that lifestyle wouldn’t be the best choice, but oh, sweet tea.

Anyone else craving spicy foods? I had to douse my fried rice with rooster sauce because I needed some heat. Maybe I’m in thai withdrawl – we used to go out to lunch with my grandma a lot when Wonder Boy was little, and I am missing my yellow curry. Of course, they don’t miss the rice all over the floor, I’m sure.

Or maybe my tastebuds have changed. Or maybe I’m preparing for a journey into space.

We had tried to have regular movie night times, but with our schedule it’s gotten a bit hard. Popcorn is a whole grain so we pop it for a fun snack – sometimes butter, sometimes coconut oil and salt. Sometimes pretty plan which is still good because health food, right? I want to make a big batch of this for snacking while I’m doing schoolwork. For extra pizazz add chocolate chips.

Scones, for some reason, are not my forte, but even as they fall apart they are still delicious. Next on my list to make are these apple cheddar ones.