#SharkWeek 2015

Shark Week starts today on Discovery Channel.

I’ve had fins on my mind lately because of it!

If you’ve never really paid attention, you’re missing some fun. I’m massively afraid of sharks, but that doesn’t deter me from watching great whites breach hunting seals or checking out some weird-looking sharks from mysterious places.

Just like everything in our oceans, they deserve our respect and protection.

Here’s a run down of a couple shows you should try to watch, plus the other fun ways you can get your shark on this week.

First, check out the website for lots of educational and conservation information, specialists and interviews.

Monster Mako’ is on tonight 10/9 central and is highlighting the fastest shark in the ocean. If you’re done with the great white footage like I am, this one’s for you.

‘Alien Sharks: Close Encounters‘ premiers Monday 10/9 central and promises to show the more eccentric-looking sharks, including glow in the dark.

‘Super Predator’ is perfect for the dino-loving, adventurous kids in your family, as they search for something bug enough to eat a 9-foot great white in the ocean.

Need a little action now? Check out one of the shark cams on Discovery and see sharks live in the National Aquarium and some footage from previous specials. You know the seal decoy cam’s gotta be good, right?

Also, on Twitter several sharks are being tracked and are engaging with a little human help. My personal favorite is Mary Lee the Shark.

Don;t forget to check out #sharkweek on social media too.

What’s your favorite part about Shark Week?