Shift Happens


Sometimes the door is opened for you.

I was given the chance to go to ShiftCon this last weekend.

ShiftCon is unique in that it combines bloggers and brands focused on the well-being of the environment, ourselves, and  families. It featured great minds like Robyn O’Brian and Gary Hirshberg and Leah, who I have known for years and watch her grow into a powerhouse.

I had an amazing time, meeting several people for the first time but also enjoying time with bloggers I’ve known for years but rarely get to see as the trip into LA gets harder to pull of at this season of my life.

I wouldn’t have been able to go without the generosity of friends, so I have been living that in spirit by taking some of the amazing stuff I was handed to try out and passing it along to a friends who I knew it would bring some sunshine in her life.

The rest? I will be writing about here, don’t you worry.

I was able to use my new GIS skills conversing with some of the non-profits (how refreshing it was to know someone who knew what GIS meant!) and reach out to offer some support in that way.

As I am starting to head into the most difficult semester of my new education, challenged in the race to finish while maintaining my above 4.0 average, I had a door opened and a hand given toward new opportunities and decisions.

At ShiftCon, I finally got to focus for a moment on myself, not even on the blog but on my own well being. I took a yoga class, slept in a little one day and gossiped on a bar stool more than once. And along with focusing on my own well being the rest of the world was silent enough I got to live in the moment and listen to what was being said around me.

What kind of person would go to the conference?

Maybe someone who wants to tell their own story.

Maybe someone who wants to make some better choices.

Maybe someone who is looking for a path to follow.

All they need to do is to walk through the door.