Six Months Into Create

This year I decided on the word Create for a variety of reasons.

I wanted to build our life at home, to create the lifestyle we needed.

I wanted to sew.

I wanted to write creatively.

I wanted to DO things.

Six months later I haven’t made it very far.

I’ve spent so much time listening to Youtubers, which is a subject I’ll touch on another day, in order to get ideas of what I can do to improve the homemaking side.

I have been making a lot of job applications, and creating new resumes and cover letters and applications over and over. Sometimes it feels like I am making art and instead of hanging it on the wall, I am throwing it into the trash.

Even as I lost one writing job another one popped up, and suddenly I am working in a new topic and learning more all of the time.

I stacked a pile of craft supplies but haven’t even cracked them open this summer.

What is frustrating is I don’t even feel compelled to create anything right now. Between prioritizing family at the end of school transition, dealing with grief and a husband who works every other weekend, I withdrew a bit and am having problems reaching out again.

I know I thrive in making and creating, and miss the ease I had of sewing when I wanted, pulling out yarn and a hook and whipping up something small and the few times I’m alone, words bubble up that never find time to a computer.


Do you ever find yourself in a creative slump? Unmotivated? How do you pull out of it?