Weekly Sunshine- Swim 2014

This week on Weekly Sunshine will be just a tad different.

I adore yellow, this is getting fairly obvious around here, right? But in the summer, pools and water attract bees.

So do yellow.

I don’t do bees very well.

SO, I while I did this year get a yellow swimsuit, usually I don’t have one.

So this Weekly Sunshine will NOT be yellow themed, but instead, be sunshine themed.

Also, let’s keep it real. While I miss my bikini days they are far removed from this body right now. So, This isn’t the trendiest list, but there may be something you like (or give up and order because at least that area will be covered, right?).


I actually own this one- I just got it and it makes me happy right now. Of course, the tankini part floats up under the water, but it’s yellow and I’m more comfortable in it than I am in the one from last year that actually DID support my bust but was slightly stretched out from pregnancy and just made me feel like was 20 pounds heavier.

Oh yeah, and it’s on sale right now at JC Penney.


I love the shoulder detail of this Kenneth Cole swimsuit. It’s so girly. I would totally get a weird tan since I am so busy sunscreening everyone I tend do never get around
to myself.


This Victoria’s Secret number supports larger chest sizes and, as a girl with such a chest I love it. Navy is also great for a tan. I remembered that reading a novel way back in junior high and you know what? It’s true.


OK, so this suit, I totally had to go with the carefree boho image because the way Free People tied it made it look like a sand dollar. I love the beach so this is a win.

Last but not least. If you’re going to give up and order a swim dress, at least give it a cute name like a dresskini. Good job Land’s End.

What do you look for in a swimsuit? Coverage, support, or do you wear a tee shirt and shorts to the beach?

3 comments for “Weekly Sunshine- Swim 2014

  1. May 16, 2014 at 11:15 am

    I never liked shopping for swimwear before kids… after three, I still hate it! I love the retro style one piece suits with extra ruching over the belly! Lands’ End surely have the most flattering suits that I have found, especially for us larger busted gals!
    Karianna recently posted..Book Review: Something Other Than GodMy Profile

  2. May 16, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    I like dresskini.lol I haven’t been in a swimsuit since I was 11…I’m 35 now.

    And I’ve had a big yellow Coach bag since Christmas of 2012 and I still get compliments on it (good job hubby).
    Q Edwards recently posted..REAL WOMAN WAYS TO KEEP A HAPPY HOME (Part 6)My Profile

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