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Happy birthday baby

You woke me yesterday  morning with cheerful babble.

It was one of those mornings where all you wanted to do was sit at my feet after you had some breakfast and grab the nearest toy and contemplate how it comes apart.

You did your monkey walk down the hallway, babbling “bubba” down to Wonder Boy’s room. You love to pounce on him when he is still asleep, crawling over him because you know that is how you get his attention best.

Played hard, took a couple of naps, and then swam in your store-bought watermelon themed birthday cake.

birthday cake baby

All day long, it was about you, which is how you like it best.




The terror that lurks in the shadows

I really pity the dog.

I mean really.


Poor thing, in this horrid southern California weather she just HAS to lay strategically in the sun all morning long, shifting when the sun has gone just a bit too far and she feels the chill of the encroaching shade.

Don’t you just feel so cold for her?

And she gets so blazingly hot she starts panting, but with a smile on her face.

Somehow braving the torturous heat, sacrificing herself so she can remind me just how nice it is to lay in the sun and do nothing.

I mean really.

However, we have the same problem, the same persistent force that breaks us from our sunbathing duties.


Ever feel like you are being watched?

His Baby doll

He loves to burp his baby doll just the way I showed him how, back when he was two and Christmas was just over and the little blue-jammied doll lay on the floor, a plastic play bottle beside her.

It’s a she, he told me, her name is Baby.

feedbabyStill it is a she, Baby, still in the blue jammies hiding the cheap cloth body.

I worked hard to find a boy baby, eventually giving up and trying Wal-Mart and finding a small soft one days before Christmas. By spring they were everywhere, soft dolls, plastic dolls, big dolls, small dolls and even anatomically correct dolls.

But he already had the one he loved.

This one was soft, great for sleeping with, cuddling with, light enough to hold, cherish and drop from between the rails on the second story to the tile hallway with a glorious thunk of her plastic head.


He is a boy after all, and gravity is awesome.

Baby has pen marks on her head and stains from spilled water and juice, still wearing the same soft smile and eyes only for her Daddy.

You are this baby’s daddy, I told him, and I showed him how to take care of her.

He was complimented on a play date with a friend of his grandmama’s by how well he played with the dolls, carrying them right and burping them after feeding them, just the way I showed him.

He loved making a fake burp sound and always congratulated the baby just like new parents do.

We offered up wipes to the diaper gods by using the dotted target wipes on Baby’s behind, the jammies ripped off in careless fashion.

Her feet folded over her head as I showed him how to wipe a bottom, eventually his hand taking over as he told me she needed a diaper change and he lovingly yanked off the jammie pants and wiped her white cloth body thoroughly.

I highly recommend baby dolls for boys.

I got him a doll after seeing how much he liked playing with them, his caring side showing as he loved on a little girl’s doll at a playdate, the three boys there fighting over the doll, a toy none of them at home.

My son isn’t the only one of his friends who plays with one after that play date.

While I picked out Wonder Boy’s Baby, one of his friends picked out the baby doll with the pink backpack carrier and proudly took it often to the park, exciting comments from the gallery of parents and kids as he played with his baby on the slide, his parents both watching fondly as he enjoyed his time in the sunshine.

Wonder Boy’s baby doll has been an educational tool for a gentle touch, how to treat others and how to prepare for a new baby brother.

He wants to feed him, love on him, hold him. The world right now spins around his baby brother.

But a baby who is a third of your body weight and requires that ‘gentle touch’ is sometimes off-limits, especially when he is asleep in the swing and nonono do not touch him.

Instead he can treat his Baby however he wants and fawn all over her like a grandparent over a fussy baby. He can hold her and rock her and sing to her or he can shove her in a backpack and be off to ‘work’ or ‘school’.

Last night he was feeling sick, and when he went to bed he called out for help getting his Baby, who was laying on the floor nearby, her bottle miraculously by her instead of downstairs and lost like it often has been.


He fed her, burped her, flopped her back and forth until she hit his chest hard enough to make him say ‘ow’ and then he was ready for sleep, Baby tucked in beside him.

My son, the one who knows all the Cars characters by name and makes impressive vroom noises as he acts out life-or-death scenarios. The one who loves to watch football with Daddy. The boy who dumps out his Duplo boxes to fashion guns that he waves back and forth chasing bad guys until their rickety structure explodes all over the kitchen floor.

Already a loving Daddy to his Baby doll and a loving big brother to his baby brother.

We’ll see if Baby isn’t shoved out of bed during the night- cosleeping with Wonder Boy is an adventure in avoiding arms and legs.

Bath time smells sweet with Episencial

Disclaimer: I was given samples of the following Babytime! by Episencial products to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Being pulled in two to three directions at any given time during the day, it can be hard to find time for the baby that is not directly food or sleep related.

My favorite time to snuggle with Lil’ Wonder is in the morning, when I’ve woken up for the day and usually so has he, and after eating we sit in the glider and rock for a while.

My second favorite time is bath time.


I’ve made it a balancing act, throwing my older son in the tub to play, then washing Lil’ Wonder, then when he is done laying him in his crib and washing Wonder Boy’s hair before pulling him out of the tub.

Sometimes that works- sometimes, it’s chaos.

However, our boys love their baths.

Lately we’ve scrubbed up with Episencial’s Playful Wash, which left a sweet citrus scent on Lil’ Wonder’s hair that I just love to breathe in. The product is fragrance free- the scent comes from tangerine oil, and a little gel went a long way toward getting a little body clean this morning after a rather messy diaper.

Both of my boys have sensitive skin, so I love using products with ingredients that come from nature- many scrapes and irritated spots on Wonder Boy have gotten a swipe of coconut oil on them (and I love it as a lip balm).

It’s also perfect since timing wise- a lot of our baths happen in the mornings, leaving a fresh start for the day.(And a good smelling one!)

Wonder Boy has been taking swimming lessons at our local YMCA and gets the red irritated skin to show for it (I have him take lessons in the indoor pool to keep him out of the sun and it is well-chlorinated water).

The unscented Soothing Cream is a rich but quick-absorbing lotion that is great for the little red patches that show up on his arms and behind his knees after his turn in the pool. I take extra care with those spots, otherwise he scratches them and makes them much worse.

I’m also using it on Lil’ Wonder’s cradle cap- something Wonder Boy also had as a baby.

I’ve also used it on me after the many hand-washings following the changing of diapers.

Babytime! byEpisencial uses organic ingredients, and has several vegan products. They do not test on animals and care for the environment by using solar power, recycled plastic, and other environmentally friendly practices.

It is also a partner for Healthy Child Healthy World,  CA non-profit that works to empower parents and create legislation to make a better environment for children.

Want to try out Episencial’s Playful Wash and Soothing Balm? I am giving them away to one lucky winner!


Please fill out the Rafflecopter options below and please remember to fill out the comment option on the widget as well as leaving your comment below.

Contest begins today and the winner will be announced Friday, August 9, 2013.

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Lil’ Wonder’s room

When I finished Lil’ Wonder’s nursery before the baby shower, I was bound and determined to showcase it in a post before it got messed up.

Then it got full of presents and boxes and various toys brought in by my son who was THAT excited about the baby that he wanted to play in his space.

So finally a few days ago I got the change to clean up his room enough for a quick photo session- just enough time before he woke up again.

So shhh… whisper in here, OK? I need the break.

The walls are the same color as when we moved in (as is the rest of the house).



This print from Alley Kids totally set a color scheme for the room for me. Before that- I knew I wanted some kind of jungle animal theme.

The furniture was Wonder Boy’s- we bought and made all new furniture for him ( but that’s another post).


I had changed my mind about the wall clings before someone bought them for me, but I love them. The Lion King is one  of my favorite Disney movies and going completely Lion King was an option for a while.

The moon lamp was from Ikea and provides the perfect amount of light when I’m nursing the baby at 2 a.m.


The mobile was from The Disney Store. We had a snag with our original order and they were really helpful.

Wonder Boy helped put it together and loves to see it in action with his brother.


The bookshelf is a mess of items that need better homes and books for myself and Lil’ Wonder.

Wonder Boy comes in and reads all the books, since they all were his first.Just like the toys, which he also loves to still play with.



This glider was the store model when we first got it with Wonder Boy and has seen its share of baby messes. The two blankets were quilted by my mom and knitted by my grandmother.

I sewed the pillow using fabric I found at Joann’s.

The Boppy? Essential, especially when Wonder Boy wants to hold his brother.


and last but not least- this bib was made by my mom for Lil’ Wonder to wear to my brother’s wedding and, well, the safest place to keep something safe right now is in plain sight. It’s always on the door.


Now tiptoe back out, the baby’s still sleeping.