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Stepping out to brunch with the bro at El Torito

Ha! It rhymed.

Yesterday we went to brunch since my brother was in town for about 5 minutes on the way up to snowboarding on a rare weekend off.

We went to El Torito where the food was delicious but I had to again have the “there’s 7 of us, the kid in the highchair DOES need table space and not be shoved in a corner” discussion.

More on that later.

Nobody puts Baby in the corner (or a toddler).

I finally, finally got to wear my new yellow shirt that I was saving for my friend’s concert that we ended up not getting to go.

Shirt- INC

tank (underneath) Target

Jeans- Old Navy

Opal necklace- gift from husband (mine and my son’s birthstone)

Shoes- Target


Overalls- Target

Shirt- part of set that was gift

Shoes- Target (third pair in same style)


I am so jealous of all the ladies who have the cute photos, I can barely get someone else to snap my photo, that’s why I never get to do these.

I lamented that to Mandy at  BlogHer ’11 and I think this is like the second one I’ve done since then.

So there you go.