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His eye

For Christmas my grandma bought Wonder Boy a camera. (This one).

Since I’m photo happy (check out my Instagram feed) I loved the idea.

Since then, he has happily taken photos of family and things around the house, snapping in mad spurts every few days.

I plan on taking him on a walk around the neighborhood to explore and see what else he sees.

It’s fun to see the view from his height.

Other than the questionable quality of the camera (Again, want to take it outdoors) I’m loving this.

Here’s a few from his Christmas session (which I watermarked).


That last one slays me.

Look for his art gallery exhibition in 2028.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the app to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

My son is a big fan of the Peanuts gang.

That is no joke.

The Charlie Brown Christmas special is asked for all year long. Two years ago we downloaded the Charlie Brown Christmas app and he has played with it, well, for two years.

Even when we hid it away in a different folder of the iPad he hunted it down and soon the all-grown-up voice of Charlie Brown was coming from the general direction of the couch once again.

This year we tried out the Great Pumpkin version, and now in honor of the November’s famous feast we are now playing with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Yesterday he brought the movie up to me  begging to watch it. Of course I said yes.

Did you know the original cartoon is 40 this year? It’s become a holiday tradition,  the same as eating cranberry sauce for a week is for me.

I love cranberry sauce.


Narrated by the adult voice of Linus, Stephen Shea, it goes through the story of a Thanksgiving feast gone awry when dear ‘Chuck’ is suddenly the host of the neighborhood kid’s feast. The art and music are true to the 1973 special, which makes it a quick replacement when I don’t have the hands to put the DVD in the player because of “Lil Wonder.

It goes through the cartoon’s storyline and every section of story has new things to tap, tilt, swipe and discover, including hidden leaves to collect. Wonder Boy giggles with every attempt at a football kick missed.

There are three reading levels- my son has it set to read to him, with the words highlighted as it goes along. I love it when an app does that for him so he can see the words- I know it helps him recognize certain ones later on like ‘Thanksgiving” and “Snoopy”.

My favorite part of the app (and story) is seeing Snoopy concoct a popcorn feast for the kids while saving some turkey for himself and Woodstock.



The app is available for iPhone or iPad and is $5.99 through the App Store.

HOWEVER, November 20th the director’s cut version will be free in the App Store, with bonus scenes to enjoy.

I recommend any of Loud Crow’s Peanuts apps- they have several in the books section, including our beloved Christmas one.


EDIT: It’s November 20th and I want to clear up that the original app is not free but IS on sale for $4 today. Sorry for any confusion.


A Minted plan

Disclaimer: I am recieving a credit to Minted in exchange for this post. All opninions are my own.
Halloween is over.
Holiday music is in the air (argh) and holiday toy catalogues are already hitting my mailbox (to Wonder Boy's delight).
Pinterest is swimming in reindeer cookies and holoday decor.
But, first things first. Why not look like an overacheiver and get ready to send a holiday card?
If I'm going to get anything done soon I need to do it before I start making cranberry sauce, you know?
So, this year I am checking Minted for some photo cards.
Perhaps we'll go simple. A couple of years ago we had a family photo shoot and had the cutest pictures. I like the idea of a quick and easy photo shoot, maybe again in nearby Oak Glen?

Or I can take some of my non-existent time and make a collage of our cutest family moments? We use Christmas cards as a means of transporting pictures to the less Internet-savvy family members along with a note about our family's news from the last few months.

I love love love the idea of a photo book. It makes me feel better about not remembering to write in their baby books.

Every year we tape cards up or spread them across the mantle. Now, close your eyes and imagine a tree full of cards and photos.
Yep, I love it too.

Ok, all fantasies aside, every year I try to start early and every year I am still stamping envelopes a few days before Christmas.

This solves that problem… I can milk New Year's cards until February.


What's your annual holiday card plan every year?


Christmas blessing

Christmas morning my husband dragged himself out of bed a little too early considering we’d been up the night before to start breakfast in the tradition of my grandfather- scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon.

The whole house warmed up with the smells of fat frying while I got myself ready and set up the extra tables.


Presents swarmed the tree and overflowed to the couch nearby- the white couches, snowflakes and sense of anticipation making a winter wonderland of my living room.

Wonder Boy had fallen right to sleep after being reminded that Santa could not come if he was awake, dreams of his green monster truck with a (remote) control still dncing in his sugar-laden head.

When I finally ran up the stairs to wake him, he excitedly looked at me and asked, “Is there snow?”

I don’t know where he figured out that it would autimatically snow on Christmas, but we had already talked about the fact it was too warm to snow, and we would go visit the snow when it got close enough.

So, instead of an excited little 3-year-old rushing to see what Santa left under the tree, he laid back down, disappointed, tears filling his eyes since there was no snow.

I had to remind him about Santa leaving him a present, and the fact my brother and his fiancee were already downstairs for him to get out of bed and swoop down the stairs.

Everything was done as relatives arrived, as Wonder Boy played with his green monster truck with a remote control, still clad in striped Christmas jammies.

Most of the morning is a blur of busy- hosting Christmas for 14 is busy work- but it in all of the running around I noticed something else too.

Beauty and peace, hard to imagine being present in flying wrapping paper but filling the air like the scent of a pine tree the entire time we celebrated Christmas.

Every dinner, every hug, every time my son ran smiling to hug another family member.

The brother and future sister-in-law doing in to help put breakfast dishes away and cleaning up after everyone, leaving me a moment to rest and Mr. Wonder a chance to nap on the floor surrounded by Christmas toys and pieces of glittering paper.

I am blessed with wonderful family that comes together in such a beautiful way.
I am blessed for a son who is so loved and so happy and giving.

I am so blessed to have so much love.

Merry Christmas with Big Bang Boom

In our mobile concert hall, AKA the car, we’ve had a variety of Christmas music playing. My son’s passion right now is singing “Jingle Bells” so I find copies of it and play it for him to sing along with.

This year he is really excited for the man in the big red suit, so I am learning about seeing Christmas through a kid’s eyes this year.

We’ve showed our love of Big Bang Boom here before, so I was excited when we heard there was a Christmas release of some original music by the band and leapt to get a copy.

We jammed away as we drove the half hour to a playdate, listening to the five tracks more than once on the way.

My favorite song is the first, a peppy lament about a child who didn’t watch out, apparently cried, pouted and beat up his little sister and Santa just passed him right by- a strong lesson for the little and mischievous.

My son rocked out the most to ‘It’s Christmas Time’, complete with bells and rockin’ drums.

If you are a rock-lovin’ family or just want something fresh to add to your Christmas playlist, I highly suggest giving this album a try.

You can listen to “The Holidays are Here” on the band’s website.

You can by the CD or download the album as an MP3 here on the band’s site and also at CD Baby .

You can follow Big Bang Boom on Facebook


Disclaimer: I recieved a copy of the album to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.