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Everything Makes A Sound

A hug feels good

around your neck

when it’s Monday morning

and you feel like a wreck

Trust me, truer words have not been spoken than these this morning taking my son to preschool.

After juggling him getting ready, a cold, needy chihuahua, breakfast, potty training and feeling nauseous, by the time 8:30 rolled around and I was finishing putting clothes in Wonder Boy’s backpack for school, I was growling at both Daisy and my son for every little infraction.

So much growling, in fact, that I stopped shoving the green pants into his little bag and asked for a hug.

I knew it would help start the morning over and also make me feel better after I dropped him off at the gate.

He then greeted his best friend with a hug and they went inside.

Hugs can make a day, and that moment of friendship and love can make you feel better on a grumpy, cold, wet Monday morning.

Preschool of Rock’s third album “Everything Makes a Sound is an awesome offering from Michael Napolitano. Napolitano also offers Preschool Of Rock classes in New Jersey and worked for eight years with the Blue Man Group in the creative production department.

His work with Blue Man Group and having strong drumming background is definitely reflected in songs like ‘Safari Song’ where a chorus of dance-inducing drumming  and animal sounds can turn playtime into a dance contest, and ‘Everything Makes a Sound’ where household items create a symphony without a single traditional instrument (it’s fun trying to see what makes the noises without going into the CD cover to see the full list).

The fun part about this album is I can definitely see my friends and family with more picky palates, music wise, could enjoy along with their children especially songs like ‘Cupcake Song’ – which as an 80′s punk feel and tend to make my son rock out in the backseat or take laps around the house.

This video is from the New Jersey school that Nepolitano runs. It is be a fun lesson about learning how sounds are made with different objects and is great for anyone with some pots or pans.

Almost makes me want to break out the pots this afternoon.


Preschool of Rock’s “Everything Makes A Sound” is available tomorrow, December 4 on iTunes and CD Baby.

You can connect with Preschool of Rock on Facebook and on Twitter.


Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the album to review. No other compensation was recieved. All opinions are my own.