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a little bit of news

Yesterday I was happy to finally share our family’s little secret with whatever part of the world I know on Facebook and Instagram.

Yep. here we go again! I am 13 weeks pregnant.

And I am so, so relieved to finally share it.

Not that it’s been a big secret. It’s leaked out here and there, especially with my trips to Vegas and Atlanta.

And I wasn’t even the one doing the sharing sometimes.

Last pregnancy, I told early.

We told my parents instantly, a moment of celebration early while I struggled with stress, decisions and doctor-ordained rest.

My coworkers found out at 7 weeks, and walked out my job’s doors for the last time at 9 weeks, fielding questions for months after wards from contacts and local residents who recognized me from the newspaper and why, why did I leave?

This time, I wanted to hold the secret longer, to do it ‘right’. But it was even harder, sitting in a room full of women, trying hard not to look like I had morning sickness and thrown up my entire breakfast minutes before getting on the bus, dead 0n my feet after a night of restless sleep.

So the secret spread, and along with the final confession, a chorus of ‘Oh, I figured something was up, You looked so sick.”

Well, thanks.

So here we are on the crazy ride again, this time a completely different experience. More sickness, more adventure, more experience/