Is your kid’s lunch bought locally?

I started digging around for information on local health after someone mentioned my county had an abysmal diabetes rate and I saw a local story about a city getting its fifth McDonald’s. My attention soon turned to availability of food in schools and the USDA’s Farm to School program. My district has almost 40% of […]

Crunch time

I’m riding down on a bus to San Diego. Where I just drove back from last night. Last year I attended a tech conference in San Diego, held a week after Comic Con, when the city has finally come down from its masked crusader high minus some Game of Thrones signs on light poles.  I’d […]

The Lake Fire and Maps

When I substitute taught I worked sometimes at an elementary school who was very close to the Old Fire in 2003. On semi-cloudy days some students would panic, remembering the thick smoke over their homes as they evacuated from there. A week ago this was NOT our view. The Lake Fire burnt tens of thousands […]