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Under the sea in my front yard

Our front walk has sat in limbo while I debated back and forth in my mind a variety of options.

Pinterest has been fabulous for me in narrowing it down – am very indecisive, but the more I pinned the more I narrowed down ideas.

  • I wanted color.
  • I wanted ease of care.
  • I wanted it to look good year-round.

Slowly, the pins on my Outside board began to take shape and give me a solid idea- colorful succulents along the walk.

Colorful, low-maintenance (even in summer) and easy to tie in with other decorating ideas I had for our walkway and living room (get a glimpse of my ideas for a living room here).

So last weekend my mom and I hunted down the most colorful and not-pointy succulents we could find, and yesterday was an exhausting day of running back and forth cleaning up debris, bark, grubs, earwigs and weeds, pulling up petunias that came with the house,  glorious but unfortunately needing to go.

The colorful succulents lining the walkway would be similar to the ones growing in front of The Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland, the second time inspiration from that ride has struck me while planning our home decorating. (See another inspiration here.)


The minute my son saw the plants bunched together he immediately got the idea.  Wonder Boy was excited to plant his ‘Nemo’ garden all day Sunday, but when the actual work began he took two scoops of bark out then decided he would rather play with his cars in the living room.

Which meant I needed to keep a door open, which meant my chihuahua was out in the backyard wailing for over an hour as I did the morning session of cleaning.

I bet my neighbors think I torture her.

I did get to try out a couple episodes of the Joy the Baker podcast, recommended by Amy from Baby Baby Lemon.

And now I have even better uses for my beloved coconut oil.


This is the terrain I had to work with. I live in a sandy-soil area that pretty much grows rocks, and a former owner had certainly had laid down rocks along the walkway, but now were to scattered to salvage and I had neither thepatience of energy to sift through the entire walkway.

They’ll push themselves up eventually anyway.

And the liner they had laid down under the bark merely served as a shady place for bugs to multiply and weeds to grow out of the reach of the sun. I was seriously amazed to see how much was growing in there.

And here is the final result- planted conservatively according to instructions. I will probably need to learn how to trim them a little to keep them out of the walkway, but they have a good amount of growing before then.

The palm in the front is going with a plant waiting in the wings already to take its place.


Can’t you see the under-the-sea inspiration? I am really looking forward to seeing what the next couple of years will do for the walkway.

And Wonder Boy has already decided which one is like the one ‘Momo’ lives in, so I will be on a mission to find a clown fish to stick in the walkway near that plant as well.

What has inspired you if your garden choices?