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Last day

Today was the last day.

We weren’t sure if I was going to make it- my wicked cough for the last week led to a sore belly and contractions kept coming and going like the tides. But not regular enough to count. My doctor reminded me again to head to the hospital if my water breaks after we figured out the baby was also getting ready for his big premiere.

Today has been a day of last-minute and last-times… the last breakfast at Coco’s as a family of three, bacon eaten with relish and familiar waitresses asking about how I felt. The last dy of somewhat freedom, Wonder Boy running ahead as I plodded along, Mr. Wonder splitting the distance between the two of us as he has been for months.

Slowly i–things are being charged up and readied, plans made, clothes packed for Wonder Boy so he can get all cleaned up and ready at Nana’s to see his new baby brother. The special new book packed.

Red Vines discovered by Mr. Wonder, who has been practicing running around on a couple of hours of sleep and took the last pictures of a single child Wonder Boy with my humongeous belly.

A memory of the hundreds of kisses our new one has already gotten.


It’s been odd to have a final countdown this time, yet a relief. Gone is the constant worry and readiness, and well-laid out plans hashed out one more time just in case.

A bag is packed ready to go with me to my cesarean tomorrow. A full fridge has been organized and a watermelon the size of my belly cools for an after-dinner treat.

All of it still hasn’t sunken in.

Tomorrow, at this time I will be in a completely different world. One that will envelop my life again and be a constant beat of by days- diapers, cries, pacifiers.

Starting over where I had just enjoyed the last few months of a more careless life- grabbing a water bottle for the car and running off on adventures, just a bag tucked under an arm and a little hand in mine.

The purse is being retired tonight and a diaper bag will again take its place.

The vision of a family with each of my son’s hands in a different parent’s hand is about to change forever- the center of our world is going to shift just a little to one sire to make room for another. hearts will grow even bigger, errands will take even longer, the car will now be full of family.

Next time I am here I will be a mother of two!

What do you mean a week and a half?

My to-do list has been stationary for weeks.  Other things keep getting in the way.

Instead of pulling out the swing and car seat to wash them- calling the bank.

Cleaning out the pantry to stock up before baby comes- doing all the dishes that pile up when I just can’t get off the couch.

And so on.

It’s funny, last time I felt so prepared for baby- read my books, had everything organized.

I even felt confident about labor.

This time I have a lot more stress, a lot more fears.

And a lot more things to do in the next week and a half.

Maybe part of the problem is that I have a end date this time- instead of being lead on by a doctor who tells me “anytime now” more than once, I have a finish line I’m reaching for.

More and more with every night of heartburn.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and my son complaining about a tummy ache before he started throwing up.

I have been stressed about all of the going out I do every morning, only to come home too tired to get the rest of my list done for the day.  Well, today along with sniffling and drinking lots of water, I am trying to plow through what I can. Right now I can only stay upstairs because of my son, who is resting in his bed between trips to the bathroom.

This is what I get for complaining, right? Instead of not being able to find a way to slow down,I am being forced through other means.

So, for the first time in days my hair is not done, my glasses still on, and I’ve been sitting at the computer actually typing, my list of posts that need to be written being chipped away at.

The shopping list, getting finalized for a potential trip this weekend.

Half of the kitchen sink is empty and when the dishwasher is unloaded the other one will fall right in.

This weekend is my mind’s last chance to get it all done, before another flurry of preschool and swim classes takes over and suddenly, outrageously, it is the weekend before our new son comes.

The last big round of maternity clothes in the washer, holding the laundry soap to see if we need another one to carry us through yet.

Feet up, feet up, feet up to ward of sore feet and uncomfortable evenings.

Rest before baby, yeah right.

Looking forward to Planes

Yesterday was my last day of my week I had planned to drag myself around getting all the things done.

Unfortunately it didn’t entirely work but I am a lot more ready for someone to arrive in a couple of weeks.

We had lunch next to my local movie theatre and my son asked over and over to go to the movies, and over and over I told him there just wasn’t any for kids at the time. Which is sort of true, there are none that I want him to go see in a theater right now.

At three years old, I’ve been picky about his movie experiences.

All of his little friends went and saw Cars 2 in the theatre, something that I pondered, studied and finally said no to after hearing about loud explosions and knowing my son would cry in the theater at the overly loud noises since he startled easily.

I was lucky enough to take him to his first movie theatre experience last summer with the Oogieloves , which was perfect for him since he got to get up, get down, and there were no loud noises.

He speaks of the movie theater with a little reverence, which fascinates me because I’ve been to the movies about as much as he has in his short life.

While I’m dying to see The Great Gatsby and the newest Star Trek before the baby comes, other things and my body telling me it’s bedtime keep getting in my way of the cold dark room and a handful of Sour Patch Kids.

However, I know by the end of summer he will get a chance to go to another movie.


I’ve been following the Disney Planes movie news for a while, but not as long as my son has been obsessed with the Air Mater short on the Cars 2 DVD (or as he put it, “the scary Cars with bad guys in them” movie).

He and his friends have all had the same little plane toy along their treasured piles of little toy cars and several versions of Lightning McQueen- a Falcon Hawk 1 that zips along and frequently gets under my feet.

And hopefully by then I can leave the baby for a few hours and spend some one-on-one time with a sweet little guy who has spent all of the long hot summer dealing with a new baby brother.

Download Coloring & Connect the Dots


What movies are you looking forward to most this summer?

Minted is announcing the baby

Disclaimer : Minted is providing me a credit to their website in exchange for this post. No other compensation is being oven. All opinions are my own.

After watching a friend try to deal with the new craziness of a three-year-old and a newborn to take care of, I have realized the more I can get done, the better.

Not only am I going to schedule bills (I am the banker in the house) and make freezer meals (currently being hunted down on Pinterest) but I am already planning baby announcements.

Yep, baby isn’t here for another few weeks but I am already looking at what to send out.

For Wonder Boy, I photoshopped pictures together, added a fall theme of leaves trailing around and had the pictures printed at CVS, bribing someone to go gt them for me.

A little more time consuming than I can plan for with a kid running around chasing the dog with a construction truck.

So this time I am planning to order my announcements online on Minted and make it just that much easier.

Minted has so many options online, created by independent designers.
My pregnant brain is having a problem deciding so I thought I’d share all of them I am considering!
I love the idea of this one with a quick note on the back about how the family is adjusting to the new arrival.

hello baby

I almost did a moon-and-stars theme for the baby’s nursery, so of course I am drawn to this one.

little dreamer

A photog friend is excited to use some of her props on my upcoming arrival- I can squeeze several on a card and show off all of his cute pictures.

Minted even has postcards!
This could be a cute way to put a smile on someone’s face as they sort out the fun mail from the bills and junk.


I know my son will be a proud big brother- I’d love to share a picture of him as well on the announcement.


So, along with shopping to stock up on diapers and making freezer dinners I have this fun chore.

What announcement do I use?

Got an opinion? Let me know?

Any cute ones I missed on Minted.com?


a second scar to heal the first

I spent the whole month of April living cesarean awareness month and not talking about it.

The lack of writing I’ve done lately on my blog is in direct correlation with the crazy my life can take coupled with a need to pay attention to my son while he is still the only one here.

April is cesarean awareness month- something I feel gets overrun by other subjects but, yet, one in three births is by casarean here in the US.

As was several of Wonder Boy’s friend’s births.

I’ve written about my cesarean here several times. I had a hard time coming to terms with mine and just when I felt confident in my decision, months worth of thinking ‘ am I doing the right thing’ finally came out of me as my belly expanded beyond the comfort zone.

A couple weeks ago I sat with my husband and son in the doctor’s office, list rotating through my head over and aver as we went through the standard procedure.

When it was my turn to ask questions, I could barely ask my upcoming cesarean (a must for my local hospital and a choice made by Mr. Wonder and I) and started crying.

All of the months, the worries, the stress finally came to a point, even though up to the moment I opened my mouth, thought of it calmly.

Choosing a repeat cesarean was not an easy choice,  and on a regular basis I worry about if it is the right choice because of the pressure to VBAC and the unknowing if I could, maybe, do it this next time.

Through my tears I saw the doctor look at my husband for his reaction. He knew it was an emotional subject for me, he knew why I wanted to ask those questions and was there to support and hear the answers too.

Because I needed to be as prepared as possible.

Because I needed it to be different.

It’s hard to be prepared for any kind of birth- all of the booklearning, studying, talking and planning can be thrown out the window in an instant.

Having a planned cesarean is about the only way to be able to plan ahead- I’ve known my son’s intended birthday for months.

Recovering will not be easy since we now own a 2-story house- I will be taking over my son’s playroom because it’s the only room downstairs that can be made dark and quiet.

Good luck not stepping on Duplos at 3 am right? At least there’s a shower downstairs. And goodbye swimming in the pool all summer- something I have to shove a few more sessions in before the baby comes with Wonder Boy.

My back hurts less in the water anyway, but it is exhausting swimming with this massive belly.

Five weeks from now I will be holding my son, hopefully with happy bliss in my heart instead looking through the world through a cold mist of trauma.

The memories of Wonder Boy’s delivery and the nights in the hospital, not even close to sleep, staring out into the cold hospital room.

Staring at the thin red line and scared I would split open.

Falling apart a little more than I thought.

I will be healing two scars this time.