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Dear pregnant Duchess Katherine,


Dear Kate ,

(lets be casual here)

The world has figured out you’re pregnant. Even the ones not on Twitter, Facebook or don’t watch talk shows have heard the news.

That was far, far ore people than I ever had to worry about.

My first pregnancy I told my world by 7 weeks.

The staff at my newspaper, because I was leaving due to the stress.

My parents, my grandparents, who constantly had friends talking about my stories to them.

And slowly, as people stopped me on the street to ask why I didn’t work there anymore, my stomach swelling.

My second pregnancy, now, I got to wait a little later for some of my family but for the people who I interacted with on a regular basis, that wasn’t the case.

The friend who came with me to Disneyland and wondered why I wouldn’t ride that ride.

The one who saw me not eating breakfast at Knotts and rushing past the nausea-inducing sausage and eggs on the counter.

And the conferences- trying to not feel ill while sitting in a room full of women, paranoid, hoping that if I didn’t slouch too much, would I not look pregnant yet and throwing up minutes before getting on a bus to spend a day in a room full of women, hoping that lunch didn’t make me feel queasy.

Ginger gum, Sea Bands and 7-up have been my best friends.

But you, my poor dear, have started the stress of Kate’s Expecting a little earlier than you should have needed to.

You ‘ve been robbed of the fun of telling anyone you were pregnant in your own way, instead becoming famous for vomiting so much you landed in a hospital.

I almost got a TV interview because of you, Kate, and while I was worried about taking a shower to look good I also pondered the fact that my 5 minutes of fame would be because I too had been vomiting.

Not as bad as you, girl. No journalists camped outside my house, no press releases about my pregnancy.

I know you chose a public life and will do well, Kate. But I hope, truly hope, you get to enjoy your pregnancy.

And that the state of your uterus can be yours, privately, for a while, enough to enjoy your pregnancy.

And no, I haven’t even considered names yet either.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy,