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Want a Milkshake?

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this album to review. No compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

For the last few weeks I have the same songs playing over and over in my car. As in, even when my son isn’t around, I find myself still listening to the album and not caring that it’s kids music.

It’s just FUN.

My son and I sing like drunken pirates, hiccup, and jam with them. There’s so many songs on here that are just moments in time for any child- stargazing, dancing, and one of my son’s favorite pastimes, watching cars go by as we drive along (he always wants me to speed up to race or sllow down so he can check them out on the freeway).

For a full day of errands (which is usually just a morning of before it’s time to take someone home before he goes crazy) Milkshake’s most recent one is going to stay in my car for a long, long time. Got a Minute? has 34 tracks with songs ranging a whole spectrum of genres, themes and occasions.

milkshake cover

I couldn’t resist the tutu awesomeness on the cover and on the lead singer, Lisa. The Grammy-nominated band has made five albums, several of which has a target age range. Got A Minute? is an album intended to please kids toddler to tween and probably their parents as well.

For instance, the title track? So me as a kid- and also me as an adult, when my husband comes home and for a half hour I tell him all of the random events of the day while he tries to unwind.

Milkshake’s album is full of songs that clock in at two minutes or less- great to keep in the car and varied enough to keep a parent from going crazy from the same songs playing over and over.

We’ve played it enough my son has earned some of the songs by heart. Here he is with one of his favorites.

You may also recognize Milkshake from this PBS Earth Day segment that aired last year.


Want to try out a lil’ shake? here is a link to an internet-exclusive track.

Got a Minute? is available at milkshakemusic.com, stores and at sites like at  amazon.com, cdbaby.com, and iTunes.

You can follow Milkshake on Twitter and find them on Facebook.

Merry Christmas with Big Bang Boom

In our mobile concert hall, AKA the car, we’ve had a variety of Christmas music playing. My son’s passion right now is singing “Jingle Bells” so I find copies of it and play it for him to sing along with.

This year he is really excited for the man in the big red suit, so I am learning about seeing Christmas through a kid’s eyes this year.

We’ve showed our love of Big Bang Boom here before, so I was excited when we heard there was a Christmas release of some original music by the band and leapt to get a copy.

We jammed away as we drove the half hour to a playdate, listening to the five tracks more than once on the way.

My favorite song is the first, a peppy lament about a child who didn’t watch out, apparently cried, pouted and beat up his little sister and Santa just passed him right by- a strong lesson for the little and mischievous.

My son rocked out the most to ‘It’s Christmas Time’, complete with bells and rockin’ drums.

If you are a rock-lovin’ family or just want something fresh to add to your Christmas playlist, I highly suggest giving this album a try.

You can listen to “The Holidays are Here” on the band’s website.

You can by the CD or download the album as an MP3 here on the band’s site and also at CD Baby .

You can follow Big Bang Boom on Facebook


Disclaimer: I recieved a copy of the album to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


Big Bang Boom rocks his world

“I like this music, Mommy!” I heard from the backseat when Big Bang Boom’s ‘Because I said So’  came on in the car.

My preschoolin’ son has been jamming to Big Bang Boom driving back and forth from school for the last week and when the music turns on he smiles.

My son takes his rock music seriously, asking for certain songs when we do a family jam playing Rock Band.

“That one! That one!”

I am a child of the 90′s and I love that Big Bang Boom reminds me of fun bands like Blink 182, Eve 6, and all of that early 90′s rock and hip hop I grew up with.

Seriously, listening to these guys is just like catching my friend’s garage band play at the local coffee shop after high school.

These guys are not only veterans of the kid music scene but have also performed for decades. Turns out Chuck Folds is the little brother of Ben Folds and has spent years playing in bands along with his fellow BBB members Steve Willard and Eddie Walker. So you know they know how to rock a crowd.

The songs are written for the elementary set but can appeal to the parents too, as the angst of teenage years resounds in songs like ‘Are We There Yet’ and the title track “Because I Said So” just like they resounded in the accoustic jams and drum-beating anthems of my own younger years.

Here’s a chance to rock out to Big Bang Boom’s ‘Make Me’. Who hasn’t thought that to a parent demanding something of them?

Big Bang Boom has also created a Kickstarter program to help cover costs for promoting their music.

If your kid grooves to this band as much as my son does, the $10 donation will get you an autographed copy of their new release ‘Because I Said So!’ and a $20 will get you autographed copies of all three of their albums! Bigger donations will land you even more fun, so take a look at their campaign and consider supporting an indie band spread the fun even farther.

Because I Said So is available starting today at www.CDBaby.com and iTunes.

Find Big Bang Boom on their website and on Facebook.


Rockin’ with the camera

Backstage Angel

Occasionally my life takes a turn down a different way and I find myself again in a cool place.

A couple of months ago I got to go see Eve 6 in concert.

Well, this time, I walked by yellow Chucks down to the Anaheim House of Blues to see a friend play twice that night.

Well, he’s not just a friend… he’s Mr. Wonder’s best friend ever.

The one with the crazy musician life that I love to hear stories about because mine is not at all the same.

And he loves hearing about us because his life is not at all the same.


Because he is like a brother, I got to parade around with a photo pass and wear a cool backstage pass wristband.

Stillwinter 2

It was so awesome to completely escape my daily life and be somewhere, someone else.

I was the only woman scooting around the stage with a camera, and my awesome husband kept urging me on to shoot because that was what I was there for, instead of me standing hesitant at the side, someone who just happened to get lucky being there because they knew the right person.

I’ve always thought of myself as just cool by association, but it’s nice to also have a chance to live a cool life as well.

 Fall Into Mourning 3

The Stillwinter 3

Rock concerts can be amazing to shoot. The colored lights, the hint of smoke in the air, the gross sweat from a hot stage and the inevitable dousing from a water bottle.

Man, was that cold.

Stillwinter 1

And of course, there’s something always cool backstage.

Fighting backstage

Also? Imma dork.

Thanks Fawn for shooting this for me!

Complete set of photos here.

Please check out my friend’s bands.

The Stillwinter

Fall Into Mourning

Support local music

Right beside me

Tonight  we will be in the dark with the world spinning around us, and it will be just the two of us.

Mr. Wonder and I have created a habit of going to bed at the same time on a regular basis. It’s dark, it’s quiet, it’s comfy, and since my son does not go to bed until after 9 p.m and my husband’s up after 6, bedtime is the best time. I spend long days without him, and need my daily reconnect.

Last week, when my MIL took Wonder Boy for an outing I went with Mr. Wonder out on errands.  None of them were mine- out to Lowe’s, out to Pep Boys. He wandering the aisles while I floated toward anything smelly/colorful/had flowers on it, because I get bored on manly errands.

But I was happy because for the first time in a while it was just the two of us. Holding his hand, sitting by him in the car, chatting away. Just the two of us in a cocoon.

Something we haven’t had enough of lately.

Tonight we’re going to a friend’s rock band gig, and I am excited. it’s a new band to me, one where I don’t know all of the sings and sing along like a pre-teen groupie, one where other people will be singing along to The Stillwinter. We will be in a smaller, crowded venue. Surrounded by edgier, hipper, younger fans dancing and screaming, while we will stand on the side, out of touch yet still there.

He will stand right beside me, our own slow moment in time while the world flies at a different beat than our own little love song.