The end of an era, the beginning of another

Today had been chaotic and productive- moving over a year of my writing to a new home. Every step a learning process, every task done with

I had started my writing, partly, to help keep friends in the loop. Then, it was for me to keep up writing after I left my journalism job, my fingers losing their touch on the smooth keyboard.

Now, I am writing to accomplish more- to find a place in the world.

As Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina writes to her father, “I have learnt how to live…How to be in the world and of the world, and not just to stand aside and watch.”

Social media and blogging have found a place in my daily life, and I am eagerly exploring what there is for me to take part in, enjoy, and learn from.

I watched as the Twitter world buzzed with news of Osama Bin Laden’s demise this evening, finishing up the last touches of the move to this new home for my writing.

The Internet is amazing in that people are joined together talking as intimately as they would across a coffee shop table yet are thousands of miles away. So many people cheering for a single thought, inaudible yet their words quickly known and their messages spreading like wildfire.

Here is my message.