The Pink List 10/7

“The simple truth is that the truth does not exist; it all depends on a person’s point of view.”
Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate



You guys – I heard and saw ghosts. (My latest on IE Shine On)

I have a major thing for goddesses, priestesses and historical fiction led by strong women. Sometimes I wonder what I did in a past life that leads me to certain times and actions.

I’ve worn out my copy of The Mists of Avalon and really need to keep working on anything Marion Zimmer Bradley has written.

Please don’t say I’m the only one that read I Hearth Darth that I know. I still mourn its passing, almost as much as the end of Calvin and Hobbes.

After listening to a few episodes of the Edit Your Life podcast, I have been pondering my own obsession with unicorns. I’ve loved them since I was little and, when asked what my spirit animal, I said because I am magical. Which i actually feel is kind of the case. I don’t want to get deep here, but my affinity with nature, my self-perceived good luck even as we face stressful situations (always a silver lining) reminds me I must have a charmed life to be blessed in the ways that I am.

Also – this book was one I checked out on a regular basis in elementary school. I always thought it was beautifully drawn – I still have a life goal of getting the illustrator’s unicorn art for my home.

You should really be listening to the Lore podcast. Some of them mention brutal deaths, but not in detail. My favorite is episode 3 – on werewolves.  I had to find something since The Black Tapes is ending.  I loved it at the beginning, but I think it got weak with so many loose ends. anyone else listening?

Retailers are paying attention. Target expanded its list of chemicals that it won’t allow in items in the stores, and Aldi is removing artificial colors, MSG and hydrogenated oils from its stores. The retailers are stepping up ahead of brands, who are too busy trying to make it work in America but satisfying what other countries have decided isn’t safe.

Truth – I can recite Juliet’s opening speech from the balcony scene. Truth- everyone should memorize a little Shakespeare, try A Midsummer Night’s Dream for some awesome verses. Truth – she was too young for consent at time of filming and had o get approval to film her topless (age of consent is 16 in Britain at that time). Romeo could consent since he was 17.