The Pink List 12/9


Some days you just need the silly.

I’ve been quiet on the blog regarding recent events.

I’m angry, and upset, and scared. I drove past two different pawn shops broadcasting guns for sale, and thought of two different people on my Facebook feed who mentioned they will be buying guns.

I have words, so many words, but until I have them just right I won’t share them. Unfortunately, none of this will be going away with Facebook’s impulsive attention span and viral sharing. Intolerance, bigotry, anger and fear are now a daily norm.

So this week’s pink list is a it more serious, as life is right now. However, I wish your heart lightness and hope during this holiday season.

First of all, please sign and share my petition for Instagram to allow reporting of distracted drivers. After you sign, please feel free to tag #distracteddriver to help show what a problem we have.

I’ve been upset I’ve seen Trump all over my feed but not the Climate talks in Paris. This is a major international event. Of course, there are some in disbelief that the US is even in the talks – this disappointed and saddened me – you never know what your yard really looks like till you’re on the other side of the fence.

I don’t even know what’s going on in this country. The Senate voted to defund Planned Parenthood AND the “DARK Act” which would make it impossible to get GMOs labeled, even though 90 percent of the US wants to know what is in their food.

Please contact your local representatives and tell them how you feel. 

The UK doesn’t even want Trump, so make sure you start talking about and supporting a candidate who actually thinks like you do that we can have actually work with other nations in a civilized way.

And if you do follow him, so you agree with all of this history? Because we would be headed there again.

Couldn’t have said better.