The Pink List 1/6


… although I’m not actually wearing pink today.


I really should be all over Goodreads, but the fact is, I haven’t been getting a hold of a lot of new books lately. That, and some of my favorites got stashed away in the move t our current house 4 years ago. So I logged in, added a couple books and made up years I read them, then decided to read a book a month this year.

This is on top of an extra education or work I come upon, and since I’ve been reading blogs and magazines a lot, this will be a challenge.

Someone please get me this sweatshirt.

And also, hello sparkles.

I have such strong opinions about the armed group occupying Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, but I respect the LA Times’ article exploring if they should be called terrorists. The fact that there is NO movie to stop them means a lot for anyone who engaged in peaceful protest and got attacked in the last couple of years. Also – they were totally unprepared, and hopefully there is restricted access so those supplies can NOT get through. Seriously, they asked for energy drinks. Way to live off the land as was intended.

I miss What Not To Wear. I taught me the word ‘trepidatious’. And that great outfits have color, pattern, texture and shine. Unfortunately, that usually equals denim texture, colored tee shirt and shiny… nose? something. I don’t a lot of occasion to dress up, but I’m working on doing it more.

I also want to start crocheting again. we’ll see if I make anything for this season, but if not, a garland will do.