The Pink List 2/10




I guess I’ve hit the age where the news scares me every day.

Donald Trump a serious contender for a presidential nomination?

Artic ice levels at a record low?

Fish populations are a tiny fraction of what they used to be, and full of pollutants – but could it be even worse than reported?

My job as a parent is to safeguard my family’s future – and I take it seriously. That’s why I’m adopting more green practices, teaching my eldest to consider the levels sugar in foods (while still getting to eat the fun stuff) and being vocal about issues.

So, to bring it up, here’s some positivity.IMG_4339.JPG

I breastfed both of my kids, and I cannot imagine being a refugee with the pressure of being a breastfeeding mother. My awesome friend Jamie and a crew of people are bringing in support to refugees so they can maintain supply on the trip with education, water and snacks. They’re coming from a place where there isn’t a lot of support (hello, war and bombings) so I feel this is really important. $2 helps a mom out!

Trex Tuesdays are a need for your Facebook feed. No little boys required.

I have a crush on these glasses, I’m trying to avoid glasses because I like contacts better but these are so unique, right?

I have been obsessed with Simple Green Smoothies’ Instagram lately. Of course, I’m shoving them in my kids when I get a chance, Lil’ Wonder is at that stage where he wants to help cook everything, so he thinks its fun to put greens in the cup.

I’m trying to keep my nails fingertip length – I think this color would be rad. Darth Vader and Valentine’s Day totally go together right? Check out the rest of the collection for some fun.