The Pink List 4/13

Live and on the scene. Or not.


I’ve been watching Youtube videos lately as I cleaned out my closet/pantry/kids laundry basket, with a couple new obsessions currently filtering through my stream.

Number one – OH LOOK! I finally am giving a Youtube video channel a stab. This was inspired with my kids smoothies, of which we haven’t shot ANY, but I did start off with a bag-packing video for my Petunia Pickle Bottom downtown tote I won from Momsmack.

I have always had a small fascination, with packing vids, so it’s entertaining that it’s already got 50 hits or so and it’s not even a week old. Time to put on ads!

I have a slight obsession with the KonMari method, even though I haven’t read the whole thing yet. I love Lavendaire’s videos for an easy explanation and showing how to fold clothes – I am so tempted to do this to mine and my husband’s closets.


There is an awesome yellow hoop in my closet, waiting for those little moments where the kids aren’t paying attention and I can check out a Deanna Love video and try to teach myself a couple tricks. Yes, I’m trying to hoop. No video evidence yet.


Last but never least – Check out TED Talks for some awesome inspiration and knowledge.

Do you have any favorite Youtube channels? Share yours!