The Pink List 9/9


I am slowly shifting foods for my family into a healthier version. I buy three boxes of Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese for every box of Kraft that comes in the house, which was unheard of a year ago.

My eldest is getting picky in his old age, but this list of Annie’s Mac n Cheese meal hacks from Shutterbean looks delicious and easy for meals as I head back onto school gear.

As I head back into school gear, I’m understanding more about the reasons why there are so many shape to maps. While I have a crush on a Waterman, this page illustrates different projections, and you can see what focus makes different areas look the most correct as the animation moves (you can change the focus area of the map as well). For the record, most of the time it’s a Mercator map you see in map images.

I keep staring at my phone waiting for the next The Black Tapes podcast to hit my phone. It is a serialized docudrama, so don’t worry if you listen to episode 103 – you probably won’t die in the next year anyway.

Little Known Fact: I auditioned for Kidz Quiz back in the day and MADE IT. But then they canceled the show. The show I always watched with my parents was Carmen Sandiego. While I still haven’t seen any evidence of the live-action film with Jennifer Lopez that was rumored a few years ago, here is somewhere you can sign up for updates about what ever it is they’re planning. Where IS Carmen Sandiego?


I’m going to be gone 2-3 nights each week, so in preparation I’m trying to plan around my slow cooker for meals as a way to keep the boys away from fast food and into the vegetables. Here’s my slow cooker and freezer meal Pinterest board, and I just finished following the 10-day challenge from Rockin’ Mom’s Kitchen (I miserably failed, but I’m trying to use a few recipes in September, check out my Instagram to see if I did it that day or not!