Things you can do besides point the finger

All over my Facebook feed people are sharing the commenting and sharing the loss of Harambe, who had just celebrated his 17th birthday and will soon be a father.He was shot and killed for the boy’s protection after the boy fell in the enclosure, which is a tragic ending for a horrifying event. I see people blaming the zoo and especially, and sadly, the mother.

Let’s remember what a gorilla can do, shall we? They can do this.

(Immediately after a little girl unknowingly taunted him by beating her chest.)



They can do this.

I’ve been vising western lowland gorillas my entire life. A critically endangered species, they hand out at both The San Diego Zoo and its Safari Park. They’re my dads favorite. And the scientific name for a western lowland gorilla is gorilla gorilla gorilla!)

So you are angry – what should you do?

  • Don’t shame the mother. In my little crew, we had broken bones, broken teeth, and a burn on my own Wonder Boy that sent me to the ER at 6 months. If you weren’t there, you do not have an opinion.
  • The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the US -amazing! It is a non-profit organization and is currently is fundraising for an expansion of the gorilla exhibit. Go donate and make it a safer place for gorillas and people.
  • The Western Lowland Gorilla critically endangered, but is the most common gorilla. Currently, the World Wildlife Fund has its population at possibly 100,000 individuals. Support their efforts to save the gorillas from loss of habitat due to deforestation, poaching, and the Ebola virus in places like The Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and African Central Republic  by donating to WWF (you can even ‘adopt’ a gorilla and get a cute stuffy!)
  • There’s other places to donate too. I mean, if you choose to eat at Rainforest Cafe and ask to sit by the gorillas, that’s fine. They support The Aspinall Foundation.  But be sure to check out places like The Rainforest Alliance online as well.
  • Educate yourself. Here, this will be easy for the whole family over at National Geographic Kids.


Note – this list can be altered for just about any situation. Yes, there are bad parents, and neglectful parents, and sometimes it is definitely the parent fault. But instead of pointing a finger, do something. It’s not your place to judge unless you’re involved.