Thrive Market Gift Ideas

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Thrive Market. I benefit when you sign up for a paid membership, which I recommend.


Thrive Market can help you get read for the holidays with great organic products, food and special treats for anyone on your list.

I went through the shop and found some great ideas that will help you add up your cart to $49 – getting you a free gingerbread house to decorate for the holidays!

Tell me in the comments if you see anything else that would make a great present for someone in your life at Thrive Market!


Recycled cotton and machine washable? Yes!


This lotion absorbs fast with a clean peppermint scent that's great for the holidays.

This lotion absorbs fast with a clean peppermint scent that’s great for the holidays.



A bathtub toy with its own storage? Love it!



I love how the animals fit together – this could even be a challenge for adults!



I’m a sucker for multicolored glitter polish, and I’m sure you know one too.



Maple candy is a great stocking stuffer and delicious!



Decorate the tree with these and enjoy the organic candy on Christmas!