The last couple years have been more about survival than anything else. Getting bills paid. Getting the boys fed, taken care of. getting work done. Getting school done, getting the credit to finish as soon as I could. image But surviving isn’t enough. Surviving is 6 hours of sleep, energy drinks, stress and lists and whole meals you cook and walk away from. Surviving is goodbyes, is late nights and saying “Not now” or “I’m tired several times too many in a day.   A year and a half ago I gave myself a mission, and last year brought a whole new direction to my life. Last fall I began thinking again toward more than the necessities, about being the best and giving the best. Living the best. Instead of survive, I will thrive. This year is when I will not just provide the necessities for the family, not sacrifice to make sure they are cared for, but as a whole we will flourish. It will be more than food in their bellies, but nourishment for their soul and minds. y husband and I will find time for each other even as works pulls us apart. I will take the seed that I planted through a new education, feed it with more knowledge and turn it into a career that will provide and inspire. I will find time to create, time to relax, time to listen and feel the earth again. And I will bring it into the home too, as I clean out what we don’t need so we have room to grow, clear out the weeds and plant a new garden to enrich our meals. Nurture relationships and foster interests. I will actually read a few new books this year.     Thrive