Tiny Acts of Kindness to Save The World


Skip buying lunch for a few days and donate the money to a local cause.

Leave the quarter in the shopping cart when you leave Aldi.

Add an extra couple of bucks to the tip.


Keep Ziploc bags with granola bars and sanitary items to hand out to the homeless at the end of the freeway off ramp.

Thank a teacher.

Teach your boys to open the door for others. Teach your girls too.

Take a towel to the playground and dry off the equipment after the rain.

Send some new pencils to school for the classroom. Tissues too.

Go on Yelp and leave a review for good service. Use your server’s name.

Throw some wildflower seeds on the side of the road.




Bake cookies to eat during homework time.

Send a card in the mail to someone you miss.

What else can you think of?