Tru-ly good Sweets

The last night of ShiftCon we were treated to a candy bar full of candy from TruSweets. I grabbed a couple little scoops, figuring I’d give the boys a treat when we got home.
They haven’t seen the candy yet because, after a handful of gummy bears and jelly beans, I refuse to share. They are SO good.

The Surf City jelly beans and gummy bears are the best ever. Seriously. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where, even though I still love my sugary candy, a little goes a long way. These are just decadent  and not so sweet they hurt your teeth or anything. They practically melt in your mouth.

I am stricter with my kids about sugar and candy, but occasionally love to treat them. This would be a perfect snack to smuggle into a movie theater or sit in front of Netflix with.

These candies are corn syrup free as well as made with organic sweeteners and fruit juice.

And for those of you with dietary restrictions, these are gluten-free and made allergy-friendly in a  facility free of dairy/casein, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame and sulfites.

Check out the Halloween packs (I’d love to hand those out in my son’s class!) and the gummy spiders.

Luckily for some of us, these candies are available in Sprouts  and other stores, or you an order them online through Thrive Market (affiliate link).