Work in the home, work out of the home

I drove half an hour just for the opportunity to work in an office.

I have been moving nonstop for almost a week, trying to take an opportunity of an absent husband to try to clean out a few things, then swimming upstream as the house again disintegrated around me.

So I drove down to do my copywriting work, glad for a couple hours to be in an office environment, meet with my boss face to face and do some grocery shopping on the way home.

While I can spend hours doing monotonous tasks, I thrive on a little human interaction. I like talking to people and if I don’t get to, I end up following my husband around the house rattling off random things I saw online that day.

While I hated my grocery job, I got the opportunity to talk to people about their day.

Wanting to work with a team in an office environment is why I am going back to school for GIS.

I have been thinking I would be happy even in a part-remote position. Without any kind of human interaction I fall prey to refreshing Facebook and Searching Twitter.

And then I realize that in my few minuets of inattention the toddler has thrown several toys downstairs, the older has snuck candy.

Working at home is complicated.

I have Lil’ Wonder currently pulling all the couch cushions to make an obstacle course again, and goes from jumping with abandon, sprinkling Hot Wheels and letters from the Leap Frog toy attached to the fridge. Wonder Boy is taking the cushions for a fort and arguing.

I want a health plan. I want a packed lunch. I want an office wardrobe and a favorite parking spot, the one with the shade in the afternoon.

For now, I try to create little havens of industry at the dining room table, on the kitchen counter and sometimes even I the guest bedroom/office.

And pin healthy quinoa salads for my office lunches while I finish the baby’s banana.