The Pink List 10/21


Irregular Choice has some amazing shoes that are probably more for someone with crazy style – but hey, I’d try to figure out some fashion to go with the R2-D2 shoes if they come out (haven’t actually SEEN them yet.)

I cannot handle another Indiana Jones movie. Either let it go or bring in a badass girl (hello, someone like Daisy Ridley) in the franchise. Love me some Harrison Ford but the last one only left openings for talking about retirement and old age.

I really want to catch a glimpse of Ol’ Faithful doing her thing in real life, but the live-stream is close enough for now, right?

Where I live in SoCal is some of the most horrible air quality around. At least LA is by the ocean with all of it’s smog, I’m surrounded by mountains! I always wonder how different it is up in the mountains – I need one of these air-tracker thingies.

I desperately want to make some fruit sugar.

I’m right now, at this very moment, watching Fed Up with my son, who is six tomorrow! It’s interesting to see what questions he is asking. If you’ve never seen it, it’s on Netflix right now.